Question: Action Cam to replace Drift Ghost-S ?

Been using the Ghost-S for roughly 3 years. It’s an okay camera, but it has a lot of shortcomings. The image quality is quite average. It has problems reading from and writing to memory. It complains intermittently about a low-speed SD-card even though I use the fastest one on the market. It has random moments where it gives a card error then fails to recover any files upon trying- this has happened with three different SD-cards.

It’s just unreliable to say the least. The only thing I care about is good battery life, 50/60fps capture, reliability and preferably a compact design.

Any recommendations ? Well I don’t seem to be getting much help in the Camera department. Maybe this is a better place for it as I use it as a Helmet-Cam.

Question: Am I the only one with a fear of Riding Motorcycles ?

I’ve been riding motorcycles for 25 odd years. I consider myself a half-decent rider. With a good understanding of defensive riding technique and road-craft. I can even do alright wheelies on both my SM and road bike.

But I have this problem. I never ride unless there’s a reason to ride. Like going to get groceries or picking up something. I have two lovely fun bikes, but hardly ever ride them.

I have this nervousness whenever I think about going for a ride. Like there is pressure on me. Part of that might stem from my awareness of the stigma associated with Motorcycle rider’s. The general impression I get when riding is all car driver’s hate me and they think I’m a jerk.

I picture them in their cars sniveling at me with disdain. And a lot of the time people don;t want to drive behind or near me, like I’m about to do something reckless or stupid.

I sit here in my room on a perfectly good day for riding, but that fear and pressure keeps me trapped in my room. It’s not that I don’t enjoy riding, I actually really enjoy it, but seemingly only when I’m on a mission to do something and in my mind it makes the ride justifiable or purposeful, which takes some of that pressure off of me.

Still, any trip I take I am constantly thinking about what car drivers think of me, how they are judging me and I hardly ever think to just enjoy it.

Anyone else have this issue, did you overcome it ? I actually got a bit teary writing this. I didn’t realize how much it was eating away at me.