Question: University Application Troubles?

My school situation is complicated, but I’m going to explain it as best I can. I was originally planning on going to a certain public university in fall of 2016, so I submitted an application and even took a placement test. I was practically ready to start the year, but I forgot about some entrance payment and they anulled my application. As a result, I ended up applying to another private university where I completed two semesters in 2017. It became too expensive, and i had to withdraw. Now i am here, debating wether or not to return to the public university that rejected me two years ago, or just get a job to pay off my student loans. If I do return (to the public uni), they probably don’t have any of my records, so it’ll be like starting the process over again. Thoughts?

Question: How long does it take for a college transcript to be updated after I transferred over classes from another college?

Transferred courses over winter break 3 weeks ago. I assumed the staff were still working because they were sending emails, etc., and part of me is freaking out that they didn’t get my transcript. Just really antsy because I’m supposed to graduate really soon and need those credits transferred.

Question: Can you study science and engineering without having relevant subjects in high school?

I am a student from Bangladesh looking to get admitted at a good college abroad, i have a passion for studying science, but an academic accident didn t give me an opportunity to study science. I think i have what it takes. And i am willing to work hard on it, but i dont want to go through high school again. Is there any way i can study science and engineering? Like a foundation course or something?

Question: Which is better: a bullet journal for the year of 2018 or one for the school year of 2018-2019?

I’m a student but I want to start a bullet journal. I was really set on the idea of one for 2018 but I just found out there’s a kind for school years. The latter seems more convenient and more suit for my life but I’ve thought about the former and have planned a lot for it. Or really, does it matter?