Question: Help Thesis statement for essay?

For this assignment, writers will arrive at a judgement through evaluation and analysis. A judgement provides authoritative information and context about a topic that culminates in an assessment of its worth, value, or merits. To support that assessment, examine and critique individual aspects of your topic. The key to successful evaluation and analysis, then, is a clear claim reinforced by thorough assessment of specific and relevant criteria. I will be writing about a place I have visited and I will have to leave a review. I will be writing about the Museum of the American Indian in D.C. I need help coming up with a thesis statement. My evaluation needs to be found in the thesis.


Question: Math help asap plz?

Algebra help on these questions?
1. An ad for​ steel-belted radial tires promises 17 percent better gas mileage. If​ Sheera’s SUV has gotten 20.7 miles per gallon in the​ past, what mileage can she expect after the new tires are​ installed? (Round to the nearest tenth when needed.


2. A banking corporation made ​299 million worth of mortgage loans to minorities last year. If this represented 43.3 percent of all their​ mortgages, find the total value of all mortgages that they made last year.(round to the nearest tenth when needed.

Question: Who was home schooled from 6th grade all the way to 12 grade?

My little brother has been online schooled since 6th grade because of his learning disability . He is about to be online schooled for 11th and grade and most likely 12 grade and because of this he has no friends or social life. Was anyone else in this situation and if you managed you still make friends, how did you do it?

Question: Do I need flash player 10.1 to do my SAM assignment?

Ok so I am trying to do an assignment in Cengage Sam. When I go to open the assignment it says Flash 10.1 required. I have tried on 3 laptops today and cannot figure this issue out. Please help. What am I not doing right? The system check on SAM says all is good so I’m not sure what is wrong. Any help, tips or ideas is VERY appreciated.