Question: FASFA "Enter the amount of your income tax" using tax return transcript..?

I am filing FASFA and I don t have access to my 2015 taxes so I had a return transcript sent to me. Where in the transcript is the answer for this question? The only things I see are my AGI and the amount of refund that I recieved, but not what I paid. Please help!


Question: Would admissions officers think I’m lying?

In 9th grade I had a really good year I was getting pretty much all A’s all honor classes was in varsity track and cross country and was asb president. Then my 10th and 11th grade year my grades dropped a lot! The thing is my mom (for some reason) would rather have me cleaning the house and mowing the lawn or something than studying or doing homework. For example, the other day I had a lot of homework that needed to be done and was working on it all day. My mom then came into my room telling me to clean the kitchen. I replied with I have a lot of homework today. I dont think I will have time to clean the kitchen. She then said just do a quick clean before you go to bed. So I tried to finish my homework as quick as possible (I ended up staying up until 2 am) I then went down to do a quick clean of the kitchen which was cleaning the counter and cleaning the dishes. I went to bed and the next day I went to school. When I came back I was yelled at by my mom saying that I was useless and a lazy ***. I asked why she was mad and she said it was because I didn’t clean the kitchen and I was just lying about all the homework I had. I was not lying about all the homework I had. So I told her that she just told me to do a quick clean and I did and she said that I didn’t even do that, which I did… She took my phone away and everything. So pretty much she punishes me whenever I try to do my homework and study. Would college admiss. think I’m lying if I put this on college apps. She also forced me to quit ASB my 10th grade year. I still wanted to do it because I like to help out around the school and everything, but she sees it as a waste of time.

Question: What is required to get into UFT,(Computer Science)?

Do they look at extra curriculars?
What average do you need to maintain?
What’s the lowest possible average to get in?
Programs? (I’m in SciTech and in Grade 10)
Any other information will be useful as well.


Thank you. I meant I’m in grade 10.