Question: Migrant s attacks in Germany have doubled in the past year. Is anyone really surprised?


Riots, sual assaults, etc from men who are “mostly migrants” from Iraq and Syria. Sounds like paradise.

When are people going to stop deluding themselves that “integration” is possible or even desirable with these cretins? They should all be deported and anyone who supports them should face legal penalties as well.

Question: Should have a new general election if Labour have dropped the manifesto pledge to scrap student tuition fee’s?

so the result would no doubt have been different had students not voted because they believed they were going to have their debt written off and no future fee’s.
It is not good enough the Conservatives saying that Labour have backtracked and must call a new general election or they support misleading the people.

Question: What do you think of the people planning to carry cards stating no blood transfusion?

They are upset that gay people and prostitutes are going to give blood. Seemingly they will make it known that they do not want blood from a gay man or prostitute.

A couple of people were on here writing about it ealier.

personally I would trust doctors to know best if I was in that dire need.

Question: Do we English need a Saddam Hussein style regime?

I do not really care for these Arabia they can all rot for all I care.
But they did have one strong leader who didn’t toy around when it came to resolve and punishment.
Should we English support a dictatorship here in England who will do away with our airy fairy leadership who is bending over backwards to please these Islamists and the gays.
Perhaps a total cleansing operation is needed by our army in Rotherham and Sheffield to root out these unmentionables heroin gangs and rape gangs and terrorist nests.

It’s rather warm this evening Flynn a dear old friend from Wales has dropped by. The rather heavy lunch with my Welsh rugby friends went down a treat.
Perhaps a nice Jonny Walkers is the ticket.

Question: Equalities Minister wants to allow people to change s?

with minimal fuss

Justine Greening MP said

“At the moment if you want to change your gender it’s a very complicated process, it’s quite intrusive as well and it’s very bound up in going to see your GP and a whole medical process that then gets kicked off. What we want to do is try and streamline the process, make it easier, demedicalise it and make it less intrusive and we’ll be consulting on how to do that in the autumn.”

So in other words anyone who wishes to go from one s to another legally but not necessarily physically, will be able to do so by signing a form or two.

Has the Government gone mad? Why should people be allowed to decide what gender they legally are when it is clear at birth?