Question: How would men of England defend their women from "Tharrush"?


Yes tharrush it’s not a skin disease but rather a form of collective rape which happened in Cologne last year. The do gooders and liberals will say that it’s part of these people’s culture to do this as the German men saddled with guilt from ww2 stood back and let their women get tharrushed.

Oh men of England what would they do when this starts happening here? Our English men who went over the top at the Somme and killed the Spanish Armadas would they let this hap pen here too?
The cod fish with thyme did not agree with me. My Cheffy has made some mint tea.

Question: Is the increased amount Russian espionage another compelling reason to reject racial heterogeneity?

Have any of you seen a programme called The Americans? Well, by supporting ethnic mixing, you are also facilitating the activities of people like the husband and wife in that, as well as other nefarious types.


Fun fact: Russians are racially different to us. They are mostly Slavic. Hmmm. I should add this to The Site. NOTE: This programme is not authentic because the Russian infiltrators in it do not resemble Slavs. Especially not Elizabeth. It really is a very serious distraction for me.

Elizabeth Jennings is a very serious distraction for me too. Mmmmm. CORRECTION: increased amount of Russian…