Question: Why did Israeli Soldiers stand by as Israeli settlers pelt Palestinians with stones?

Had they been Palestinian stone throwers, they would have been arrested regardless of age.


But since they were Israeli stone throwers they were not?

Question: Is it possible for us English to become an ethnic minority?

Within our own country is it possible dare i say for our own people to become an ethnic minority.
I mean I went through town and It looked like another country.
How did it get to this? Could we become minorities ourselves? I mean if we are outbred like rabbits and our young all follow the sound of this LGBT bandwagon that the gov is literally shoving down our throats. Damn them liberals.

Now my Fish pie i believe is ready. The gong has been sounded. A rather jolly nice smell is coming from the Kitchen where my head chef has been working all day.
Later I might have a nice white Vino. or perhaps the good people here could suggest something eh?