Question: So if this bomb was so sophisticated then how did this Manchester bomber make it himself?

we need answers.
lets get this we have seen the terrorists using lorries and cars to make their attacks with but now we see this sophisticated bomb and where did the parts come from and did this bomber have the capability to make it and get the parts?
it is a huge leap forward in to how they can attack us.


Question: Father and brother of Manchester bomber arrested, is this an example of the folly of giving asylum to people from certain cultures?


Can they ever be trusted ?

Question: The people of Boston funded the Provisional Irish Republican Army which is a terrorist group that kills innocent people?

But when Boston was bombed at the marathon they knew what terrorism felt like for once, do you think they’ve learnt their lesson? I’m trying to have sympathy, but I hate everyone from Boston because they funded their men who killed two toddlers in Warrington.