Question: How independent is the UN if they are being bankrolled by the US and other powers?

Trump had threatened to stop funding the UN.

Theresa May (UK Prime minister) urges UN reform and threatens funding cut


Question: Who needs news channels when you can watch public live webcams of events?

And footage uploaded from people who were there and had a phone.

Much of the real evidence of 9/11 was from people who uploaded their footage – not news channels.
The French Lorry driver terrorist shot in his cab after putting the handbrake on and being surrounded by police was filmed by many on their phones and uploaded – disputes the official story of police officers shooting to stop the vehicle and him shooting police and passers by. It was an execution when the vehicle was already parked.


Question: Should governments concentrate on strengthening emergency services or creating resilient communities?

In areas such as Barbados where the Hurricane has caused damage, would it be better to distribute emergency rations and train local communities before a disaster or train emergency services better and hope they can reach everyone?

Question: Are the FA just looking for reasons to sack the England manager because a couple of black women claim discrimination?

Could be the women were not as good as they think, too entitled?

Trumped up charges that were not important when he was appointed.

More PC fascism? KJ, or discriminated against because of HIS race. Make room for a black woman? Plank – maybe a quota would keep you happy?

Question: Are the Palestinians paying the price for the Holocaust?

The holocaust was carried out by Europeans (Nazi Germany).

Yet it seems that Israel was created in the Middle East – taking away the land of the Palestinians who already lived there.
Jerusalem has always been populated – it was never a baron land empty of population.

72 years later, the indigeonous Palestinians are living in refugee camps and their homes are being bulldozed.