Question: Jsa question no hate?

I changed my bank details because it was in my friends coz i had a problem with mine a few weeks ago last week with the jobcentre
and I singed on Monday
I rang the jobcentre yesterday (Wednesday) to ask if it had been changed it was changed on Tuesday
I’m due to get paid today (Thursday) so will it go in to my account or my friends as I really hope it won’t go in to hers as she been a funny one with money constantly asking me for it and been funny if it goes in her account I won’t see a penny of it I won’t be able to do my activities at weekend help please thanks

Question: How much will I have to pay for a customs charge if I bought something from China to the UK?

I bought something from China worth over £1000, the latest tracking information says “custom charge raised.”


I haven’t received any bill yet in the mail, but I will probably get it tomorrow.

The item I bought online was a piece of jewellery.