Question: Got an interview for a job but I didn’t get a reply when I emailed back confirming I’ll be there?


I also asked a question in the reply. They asked me to confirm/reply beforehand.

That was 7 hours ago. Did they lose interest or will they reply tomorrow? The interview’s supposed to take place on Monday. Yes the question I asked was to confirm the location and the recruiting manager told me to ask any questions I have in the reply and that she would get back to me.

Question: Can I get a cash in hand payment instead?

I am a full time carer working on a zero hour contract, I get paid into my account every month. Is there a way to get my employer to pay me cash in hand instead? What can be my escuses? I don’t want to tell the university I’m working so I’ll get more money for funding and bursary in the next academic year.


Question: Where can i find Tesco number of complaints from the customers (2011- 2016)?

I’m basically looking for number of complaints made towards Tesco by the customers. Obviously the financial reports won’t say this kind of thing, but I’m trying to look on external websites and there isn’t even close to that Just to point out, I’m looking separately for number of complaints for years 2011 , 2012 ….. 2016. I want to make comparisons for it.

Question: Is it stupid to put a holding deposit down on somewhere without seeing it physically?

Im desperate to move, I’ve looked at the photos of the place, asked the landlord any question I can think of, google mapped the area, looked where everything is locally.
I cannot think of a reason I would not want to move to the area.


What is the best way to do this so the landlord doesnt run off with the money, it is a private landlord. by any question i’ve asked whether im allowed pets and the rent total.. i cannot see what else would be important that would be a make/break situation? Maxi, you can have it written in the contract that it is refundable if you pass the checks and if you make your landlord aware of your credit history and background previous and they say thats okay then change their mind you’d have evidence they had lied to get money out of you?

Question: If a seller on E-bay creates a label for Fed Ex for pickup of a package, & says that they picked it up..what IF….?

…the package never shows on the tracking that it has been picked up, but then the seller says that Fed ex must have lost it…and that they DID pick it up?

how quickly will Ebay give me a refund if I open a request and say that the package is still not showing it has been received by carrier and it is past the delivery date? IF the seller continues to say Fed ex picked it up and it has been lost by them?

can explain? the ebay summary page shows “shipped” what if they say that fed ex did pick it up..and it was “shipped”? (even though Fed ex tracking still shows 3 days later after they said it was tracking ?) can they say that it was “lost” and must have to wait for investigation before refund? but he said they picked It up…so he can now say that he shipped it and that he has to investigate what happened with it maybe before I get refunded?