Question: Random money put into my bank account?

A common phone carrier company, Vodaphone, who I had a contract with for around 4 years in total has put £851 into my bank account under the name “Bank Giro Credit”.


Any idea what this could? Has any one had a rebate or something from them? I don’t want to phone and the money gets taken away.

Can anyone advise?

Question: How can I tell whenever we are britains top 10 percent richest or bottom 10 percent?

We live in the Uk’s and one of of the worlds most expensive city. An average house in our area can cost up to an million. I was watching an wealth divide show on tv called Rich House and Poor house and I was wandering how I could find out which part of the scale that we fit in


Question: How can I tell whenever we are britains top 10 percent richest or bottom 10 percent of the nation?

We live in the Uk’s and one of of the worlds most expensive city. An average house in our area can cost up to an million and in our street the house average is between £700,000 and £900,000. While in most parts of the U.K. buying an average house could cost around £300,00 to £500,000

Question: Theres gotta be more to life than paying bills and working full time im 24 and i still dont know where to go in life.?

so i dunno what im supposed to do im a grown adult but at the same time i have no idea what i really want in life but i want to be succesful and have a career….i have diffrent degrees but its not what i want to do in life and instead i work in a dead end job theres gotta have something i can do ? im afraid that ill work there forever. I have no kids yet still single but when i do have kids i want my kids to be proud of me that i got a real job but how do i do that when i dont know what ireally want? has a kid i wanted to become an actor but i dont know if its possible im feeling conflicted with my life right now and i want to still one day have a family and have a real job anyone else in this boat ?? you went to college but still dont have a career and u feel hopeless

Question: I can t get a job and my own parents have decided to kick me out?

long story short, ive fallen on hard times and working a part time job and any money i make my parents take it off me and use it to pay for their posh life style, even though they both work, and earn more than me, they are using me and what ever money i have to fund their expensive holidays, ever since i lost my high paying job two years ago i fell apart in to a deep depression and i have gotten no help whatsoever, even with losing my job, my parents have refused to help or at least let me save some money to eat, (ever since i couldn’t get a full time job they put a code lock on the kitchen door stopping me) i rely on my friends for food sadly,

now they have decdied because im not trying hard enough to find work, they sent me a letter saying i have 24 hrs to move out.

so now i really do not know what to do, i don’t know if they are teaching me a lesson for losing my job or for not trying hard enough to get a job.

Question: Does anyone that works in Stonewall Jackson Hotel at staunton, va. Do you know how long it take to get first paycheck in direct deposit ?

When starting for the first time working at hotel. I’ve started working in May 17-21, days off may 22-24, and started working again in May 25- ++.

I didn’t receive any paycheck last week.

Question: What should i do? i can’t find any job and i can’t find any girlfriend and i’m trying for yeeeears…?

I live in a country Serbia where geting a job is like winning a lottery and i’m really trying sending CVs to everywhere… and because i can’t find a job i don’t have money, and here if you want girlfriend money is must have and that is a beliver a reason why i can’t find girlfriend… Sooo i’m 24 unemployed, living with my parents and feel disapointed because every day its the same… i literaly doing nothing! siting in front of my computer, hoping some job opportunity i will get, i also tryed some online jobs but it is all scam…i really need advice what should you do? I JUST WANT TO DO SOMETHING USEFUL WITH MY LIFE LOL

Question: Would it be hard for me to move to a quaint little scottish village?

i want to move somewhere where i can be at peace, where there is sanctuary…im a 39 year old man living in manchester uk, i live in a council flat on a small estate which is noisy….i suffer mental health problems and live as a shut in… frightened to go out out where i live because it seems that everywhere is full of wanna be hardmen.

i have a dream, id love to move to a quiet fishing village in scotland where i could find peace and sanctuary….where i could be with nature and be free of yobbos.

an idealistic scottish village somewhere, i can just picture it…but would it be hard for me to get to that place?