Question: Please help, renting a place to stay for the first time all on my own?

I hate being at university I really want to quit but i do not want to go home so that requires me to rent.
At first I was trying to find a job and then a place but honestly I rather just move out asap then get a job because it takes a while to find a job.
I have savings so thats not an issue. I can pay deposits, I can pay potentially 3 months rent or more just with savings but I’m going to get a job anyway.


So please help I have no idea what to do I don’t really have family I could ask.

what to look out for?
do I tell my landlord or landlady that i don’t have a job?
how long will it take? x(

Question: I am worried about my dad. Will he have a secure retirement? Will he have a retirement with no worries?

My dad is recently retired and he has just bought a studio apartment in New York for $120,000. He fully owns this studio, so he has no mortgage or any other debts to worry about. His total savings come to in the region of $200,000. He has invested most of this. So $200,000 is all the money that he has. His annual pension income, plus the annual return on his investments come to $31,000 a year.

Now I know that most people will think that my dad is in a healthy situation with that money and with no debts. But New York is an expensive place to live. He is 66 years old and so he still likes to go out and enjoy life. He has a group of friends which he socialises with. So I want to know is he financially secure in his situation right now or will he struggle a bit? What do you believe his situation to be?

I live in Saskatoon in Canada and I am just a little worried that the cost of living in New York might limit his life. I want him to enjoy himself at this stage in his life. His retirement should be an enjoyable time, not one with financial worries.

Question: Career Choice For 15 Year Old Boy?

I’m a 15 year old boy from England. Originally I wanted to be a police officer then I changed and really wanted to be an engineer but as times went on I’ve realised I want to do a job I’ll love and be excited to go into every morning. I love cars so I was thinking should I become a car salesman and drive nice Range Rovers etc. Should I become a car mechanic. I really don’t know help me! However I don’t want to feel like a let down to my family because they think I’m gonna be an engineer. I think they will understand. Any suggestions please. I also want a job that pays well so I can have nice clothes, house and most importantly CARS