Question: What brands sell good quality paints ?

I live in London and I am decorating my room. My room is small and I haven’t really decided on what colour to paint it in. The problem is I don’t know anything about paint and paint brushes. I bought a pot of Matt Wilko Duck Egg blue paint but apparently it was the wrong one so I took it back and got a refund.


What brand of paint and paint brushes should I buy? Do I paint my room with two layers or going around it once is fine? Anything else I need?

Thank you

Question: Where can I buy affordable and good quality furniture in London?

I live in East London near Westfield Stratford. I am 17 years old and my parents gave me £1000 to decorate my room and buy furniture. My room is quite small to be honest and I want a single bed, one bedside table, small cupboard and dressing table.

I was wondering if anyone knows anywhere affordable but pretty furniture shops in London. I’m not looking for all that Arty, retro stuff and if the furniture shop has a sale on that would be helpful. I wouldn’t mind going over my budget by £300.

Thank you

Question: How much (roughly) would these windows cost? They have a max height of 2.85 meters, and a width of 1.65 meters?

What sort of rough price per window am I looking at, and would discounts be with in reason when buying in bulk?

‘Bulk’ being over 200 windows, as I am recreating a textile mill…

Many thanks.