Question: Do all bookcases use a backing board?

For the past week, I have been looking online for a bookcase. Not a super abstract one. Just a regular solid wood, rectangular bookcase with shelves one on top the other.

And everything I found so far (that is made of solid wood) seems to have a backing board made of particle board, on the back. This seems weird to me, considering that backing board is used to just sort of hide a huge hole in the back of furniture, like wardrobes and stuff. But The back of a bookcase is a main part of the structure, so it just seems off to me, that it would use something as thin and weak as particle board.


When I push my books and stuff up against the back of a bookshelf, I want it to be solid and strong, not be pushed back and feel like I’m about to punch a hole through it on accident. I know particle board isn’t THAT weak, but it would still feel weird for the whole back to sort of give way when very little force is applied. So my question is, do all bookcases tend to use a backing board. Or is there somewhere where I can find 100% solid wood ones.

The reason I’m looking on the internet, is because there aren’t that many furniture stores in my city, and besides, the internet has 1000% more to choose from.

P.S. I used updates, cause it wouldn’t let me post the question normally.

Question: Our carpet fitter has just left and there is a blue stain on the carpet… what can it be??

The light blue (but still very noticeable) stain had clearly been scrubbed at and hidden under a dust sheet.The painter noticed it at the end of the day… it wasn’t there at the beginning of the day- it could’ve potentially been the painter but we doubt it as he wouldn’t have pointed it out in the first place. The carpet cost £3,000 and we have no idea what it could be!!

Question: Would anyone be able to tell me what this is on my ceiling?

I have cleaned and painted over it but it seems to come back after some time.

I am glad i have actually come to this site to ask as I have had this for awhile and have never really been sure what it is or why it is occurring. Do I need to be worried about this?

Question: Whats the best office plant?

I want an office plant to help with the air and smells. We have fairly big windows (and a lot of direct sunlight) and it’s often really warm in our office. I’ve been looking all over the internet and a few plants seem to keep coming up. We can’t have a plant that needs to be hung up or one that would grow really bushy. Preferable we need one that will be able to stay on a desk. Also any tips on how to keep it alive would be appreciated as I have killed cacti before.