Question: Is it okay to cut back daffodil leaves now?


My daffodils finished flowering around the beginning to mid April, I have left the leaves in the ground for 7 weeks, they were starting to turn yellow and were lying down. Not all of the leaved were yellow but they were very untidy looking.

Some of my daffodils leaves were still green and standing up, so I won’t cut them for another 2 weeks or so, or when they start to turn yellow

I know everyone says you need to wait until they turn yellow/brown, but I left them for more than 6 weeks (which is what some people say how long to leave them for) since then there has been a lot of sunshine on them so they must have had plenty of food.

Question: Oven seemed to stop working after a chip fell onto the flames at the back?

This might be a silly question but basically I was cooking chips and I wanted to add a few more, and being lazy instead of pulling out the tray, I sort of threw the chips on the tray and one fell past the tray and onto the oven flame. I panicked and turned the oven off. But I doubt it would have done any harm really.
Now I m trying to get the oven to light again and it won t. What have I done? Is it because of the chip?

Question: Why would someone say "Install Mulch in your bed areas" instead of "Spread Mulch in your bed areas"?

“Install” to me sounds like installing some electrical or mechanical or construction components?


is proper really to say ‘Install new mulch in bed areas”? or WHY SOME PEOPLE WOULD LIKE THIS “STYLE ” OF VOCABULARY MORE?

Question: How do I remove ink stain from white leather phone case?

Hello. Sometime yesterday I got a ball-point pen ink stain on my new phone case without realising, as I woke up today not understanding where it’d come from. It’s a small one, but as the case is white, the stain is very visible. I’ve read that nail polish is effective towards ink stains but I don’t have that at the moment. I’m wondering if anyone has any advise as to how to remove this ink stain?