Question: Tropical Fish Ailment?

I have just purchased 2 mollies for my new tropical fish tank, one male and one female.

The female is fine, but the male seems a little worse for wear. On the side of his head, it looks as though there is a piece of white plastic protruding and despite him being black, his fins have white on them, which looks as though it s making it hard for him to swim.

I know this is difficult to describe, but I don t know what to do?

He is currently just laying at the bottom of the tank, not doing much.

Can anyone help?

Question: What’s happened with my puppy? Is it because I have gone for 2 nights?

I have an 18 week old – 19 on tuesday – puppy, she is a Pomeranian and have had her for 8-9 weeks. I have Rosie (my girl) and a Milo (my brothers) and I am extremely attached to both mostly Rosie.

I left at 10 yesterday and will be back tomorrow so my family are looking after the pups. My family are around them everyday as I live with them and so do the puppies. But since I’ve left they have reported that Rosie has been put off her food and has been giving Milo her food (which is extremely unlike her, normally she’ll be taking his food). Is it because she misses me or a health issue?