Question: Can my female and male Syrian hamsters stay in different cages but in the same room?

I recently purchased a second Syrian hamster (male) as I have a spare cage. I already have a female that has her own seperate cage so I was just wondering if
1) they can live in the same room?
2) will my female (who has a lovely temperament) start to show resentment and anger towards me?
Thank you in advance for your answers 🙂

Question: A dog went for my cat, what can I do to get the dog or it’s owners in trouble?

My cat doesn’t often go out but he got out a little while ago and the dog of the people who lived across from us went right for him and did some serious damage. We tried to be reasonable and ask them to split the vet bill but they said and I quote ‘Its only a stupid cat, would be better if Havey (their dog) had killed it’ so my brother and I want to know if there is anything we can do, we’ve asked other cat owners in the area and the dog often goes after them. Also, if the dog goes for my cat again and I hurt the dog to get it off, can I get in trouble? Will add, my cat was still in my garden, he hadn’t gotten to the road yet and the dog can into my garden before he attacked Just realized I should point out, I live in the UK so states laws may not apply

Question: Why won’t my puppy eat his food from his bowl?

it doesn’t matter if i put wet food, dry food, chicken or fish in the bowl, he will run away from it, but if i put a handful on the floor, he’ll eat it up, its got to the point where i have to tip the bowl onto the floor and he will scoff it all down like he’s starving.
He was fine eating from the bowl but then he got a tummy problem and sickness which put him off all food for a while, but since he’s had tablets from the vets and he’s better, he won’t eat from his bowl.

Question: My dog in heat escaped for an hour. What are the chances shes pregnant now?

I took her for a walk in my local park and shes in heat (I refuse to spay primarily for religious reasons, so plz don t abuse me for that).
Anyway I let her off the leash for a while so could be be free a bit and basically she ran off (which is untypical) and eventially came back after an hour. Problem is that now I m scared she could have got pregnant because there are a lot of strays where I live.
Could it happen that quickly???

Question: White Knee Tarantula For First Tarantula Pet?

My fiancé is treating me to a little furry 8 legged friend next week but the ones that the pet store are selling are White Knee Tarantulas. I don’t know a huge amount about Tarantulas or this particular breed and I’m wanting to do a bit of research and ask people who know about these. I want one that isn’t going to kill us (aha) and is really calm, can be handled and is really humble. Any Tips/ideas and thoughts?

Question: The correct way if introducing a cat to a dog?

I have a 6-7 year old male cat (he isn’t a house cat as he comes and goes as he pleases) he’s lived with me all his life and is used to been the only pet in the house
However in a couple of weeks I’ll be looking after my friends 4 year old Staffordshire Bullterrier for a week. The dog has been to the house a few times in the past and has a reputation for been very friends towards other animals, especially cats and other dogs and has always been fine with the cat, however it is clear that the cat isn’t most fond of the dog as he hisses and attempts to bat the dog away (not using claws) but the dog has NEVER retaliated negetively, she jusy leaves the cat alone.
My main concern is that when I’m at work during the day both animals will be left in the kitchen, the cat flap is in the kitchen so the cat can come and go and do his business.

Question: Horse won’t canter in our school?

Just bought a pacer who has been retrained and trots/canters beautifully, brought her home a week ago and have done lots of bedding with her to get her balance, but today I tried to canter her and she just started pacing and did not want to do it so I tried her on the lunge line and she did a few strides, does this mean that she needs more work on her walk and trot? Is it normal for horses to not canter in a new home ?