Question: I gave my Hamsters watermelon is it safe for them to eat?

I was reading what fruits a Hamster can eat and I found a thread that said watermelon is ok for them but in small pieces so I gave my Syrian hamsters some and they ate it straight away.

I then found another thread that said it’s not good for them so now I’m confused.

Is it good or not? They’ve never had it before so I gave them a tiny piece about the size of your pinky finger nail.

Question: My sister wants a yellow lab. So I guess that means she is going to be a scientist when she grows up right?

My sister wants a yellow lab so badly. She is always talking about getting a yellow lab.

I don’t know why her laboratory has to be yellow, but who am I to judge.

I don’t know what I want to be when I grow up yet. I can’t decide.

Question: Can my puppy be pregnant?

last Saturday a big dog came up to us and after a sniff entered my 9 month old dog. Luckily (ish) it was right infront of me so I pushed and pulled them apart in a matter of seconds, picked her up and carried her to the car and took her home. She started her season around the 16th of October so last weekend she should of been in the last stage of her season, if still on at all so not able to get pregnant. My concern is that he went in, and she shouldn’t of let him if she was on the last stage. He was a lot bigger and it wasn’t expected at all, do you think it took her by surprise more then anything? We don’t want her to have puppy. I have to wait three weeks before I can do a scan or a pregnancy test on her but it’s driving me crazy. She’s too young. Thank you

Question: Flea treatment for dogs?

So basically i gave my dogs bob martins flea treatment on the 7ths as i run out of the usual flea treatment they usually get but…
Will i be able to give them a dosage of advantage flea treatment on friday although i gave them bob martins on the 7th this month
Just as the bob martins is for amateur use only and the way i see it if your dog or cat has fleas its not the best

Question: Is my kitten the right size for her age?

My Female domestic shorthair kitten Sakura is 7months old but still looks soo tiny. I don’t know if that’ because my other cat is a male ragdoll and they are large cats or she is just small. The picture is the most recent one i have of her which, was taken no more than 2 weeks ago. Will she grow much more or not? Her mum looked quite mall for a cat but i just thought the couple i brought my kitten from had bread there cat a bit too young. Also my friend has a male kitten (tabby) which is much bigger than her and about 3 months younger. I know males are usually bigger than females. Im not worried about it just wondering as im curious to know if she is the right size for a cat. Alo i will say she does eat. She eats more than my large ragdoll so certainly no problems with that. Would like to know what people thought? I would also like to know doe anyone have small adult female cat? Side note: I was told she had a twin who, was exactly the same as her but grey instead of black. Same markings everything but they died at 1 week old. I was wondering if that had anything to do with it.