Question: My oscars are scared to death, what do I do?

My oscars looked lonely so i bought them a shoal of cardinal tetras as company, and now the cardinals have taken over the tank. The oscars are going hungry because the tetras extort all their food as “protection payment” and have even threatened to have one of them killed if he talks to anybody about what he hears. They keep the oscars up all night with loud parties and are trying to muscle in on the oscars turf so they can open a casino there. Help!


Question: What’s wrong with my Chihuahua?

I have a 7 year old Chihuahua. For the last 3/4 days she hasn’t been her self and has been whining when her neck is touched. She is unable to get up the stairs and keeps freaking out about walking on our floor boards. She has episodes of shaking(vibrating) and panting like crazy. I am aware she is prone to panick attacks and I think she is having anxiety about walking on slippy floor boards incase she slips but I’m unsure why she is so worried and unable to get up the stairs and the panting/shaking??

Question: Would my ferret and rats get along?

My ferret is very tame. She loves cuddles and as we all know ferrets are meant to kill rabbits and one day i came home and my brother had let her out and she had gotten into my rabbits homes some how! I was so worried but to my surprise both my rabbits was cuddled up with her but I did the responsible thing and took her out and I made sure none of them was hurt and not one mark ! Unfortunately my rabbits passed from old age and so did my other ferret so she lost three of her best friends (when ferrets and rabbits together they wasn’t left alone for one second) I have 5 loving rats! So sweet and gentle and even get on with the cats. I was wondering if maybe trying to slowly intersdues my ferret to them would be a good idea. She is a little lonely and I have tried everything I can think of to help her feel better. I get her out everyday and she sits and cuddles me and plays with me but I know she still feels lonely. My boys come out every day and they love cuddles and kisses just like her and it got me thinking should I try let them get to know each other or is this stupid?

Question: How should i calm down my skittish leopard gecko?

So almost a month ago I got my first leopard gecko, I’m not sure about his age but my guess is around 3 months. As expected he was skittish when I first got him, due to new surroundings and his young age but I would think he would be atleast warming up a little bit to me by now. He never comes out of his cave unless he needs to poop. He came out a lot more when i first got him as we was exploring, but now that he knows his surroundings he doesn’t come out.

I also really want to tame him, but i don’t know how to do this when he is hiding in his cave all the time (including night time, ive been checking at around midnight/3am to see if he has come out).


He also wont take the food I give him unless its wax worms. i gave him a few waxworms about a week ago, and since he wont take any other insect but the waxworms which is of course a problem as they are not good for him. when i give him any other worm he will stalk it but when he gets close enough to smell it he looses interest.

any way to gain his interest in other worms (mainly mealworms)? And is there a way i can calm him down so i can tame him?

P.S: I cant give him crickets, I’m unable to buy them 🙂

P.P.S: Anybody who can shed some light on what age leopard geckos are allowed to be sold in reptile shops, that would help me a lot on what age he could be, thanks 🙂