Question: Should I end the Friendship?

So to get right into it, I’ve known my best friend for like forever. We’re 15 now, and most of our lives its just been us. Of course we both have some other friends, but they don’t really ever hang together. But a couple of months ago, my best friend made another friend. Which wasn’t a big deal. They got really close, and this third girl started to always hang out with me and my best friend. I didn’t really mind at first, we got along fine. They always paid more attention to each other, and would ignore we whenever I tried to join in. So without being rude I asked if we could go out without the other girl, but then she showed up anyway and I found out my best friend invited her even after I suggested she didn’t. I’m in no way trying to make my best friend not see this other girl anymore, but I just want to spend some time with just me and my best friend again.The three of us are in group chats together and they will just totally ignore me, or leave me on read.


My other friend (who during all of this I spent most of my time with) suggested since my best friend wouldn’t talk about this when I confronted her, that maybe we stop being friends. I feel like this is the best decision for me, but I’m sad about just ending like a 12 year friendship. But my best friend refuses to listen to me anymore. My best friend and me get along fine together, but that doesn’t happen anymore and will act as if nothing happened previously (with her ignoring me and stuff). Basically, any advice?

Also I apologise this is pretty badly written aha

Question: Isn t my friend happy that I m getting married ?

So I told my mate that I m getting married next year all the talks are happening between both family s. and I was telling one of my close mates and she turns around and goes to me ok and then she goes I m happy for you and stuff but you should know you shouldn t talk to me about this. She goes she doesn t wish to hear about anything to do with the marriage and she also goes Just in general marriage is a sensitive topic and I don t wish to hear about anything tbf Like I m not being a cow or anything it s just my feelings and how I feel about it all It s my way of just dealing with it just blocking anything to do with marriage out of my life right now Like this issue has been going far too long in my life and this is the only way I can deal with it by blocking it out.

Background story on her she s been with someone for over three years and she really wants to get married to him but just wasn t happening because his family is being long and this whole process has hurt her and she gets depressed about it. Have I been a bad friend for mentioning it. I wasn t being horrible or trying to rub it in her face

Question: Me and my ex bought tickets to a gaming event before splitting up. What should i do?

Me and my ex bought tickets to a gaming event in London but a few weeks after purchasing we went through a pretty bad breakup. She now avoids talking to me at all costs.

Ive apologised as sincerely as i possibly could and am genuinely sorry but it doesn’t make a difference.

Ive gotten over the breakup and now my only concern are these goddamn tickets! I cant find anyone else to go with so my only options are to go alone or to cancel it all together. Another issue is that my parents don’t know about us splitting up and i don’t want to say anything because the way we split up was really stupid and all my fault.

Literally any advice would help here. I’m really stuck as to what to do.