Question: I need advice on my boyfriends drinking habits.?

I ve been with my boyfriend for over 6 months now, and things are going well, apart from when he drinks. He used to drink really heavily before we were together, but calmed down when we were together. But around once a month he went out and became a really nasty person. He would either ignore me all night, or act as if I was the most horrible person in the world and say some horrible things. He becomes very selfish also and only cares about how his night is going regardless of whether I am there or not. I have discussed it with him a few times, and he said he will cut down. The last incident being two weeks ago, but that was the first time in two months. I ve told him I will leave him again, but I wondered if anyone else has been through the same thing? Whether he will change or become resentful? I m now scared if he goes out drinking that he will become horrible again. Some advice would be great!

Question: How to get a crack addict to leave my grandmothers house?

I am currently staying with my grandmother for a week why my mum is on a trip and living with my grandmother is my 38 year old cousin who is addicted to crack, it is worth mentioning that my nan is a 75 to 80 year old woman who is a very kind and loving woman, who suffers from back pain, asthma, arthritis, (some other thing wrong with her lungs that i cant remember the name of) and my joke of a cousin has repeatedly stolen money of her as well as disappearing throughout the night and expecting my grandmother to let him at 4-6 in the morning while yelling at her to open the door, as well as smoking crack in the house, this completely fills up the house with by far the worst thing i have ever smelt. Most of my family have given up and refuse to talk about the matter let alone try to help her, with the exception of me and aunt. and i don’t know what to do, its been a year and i can see it’s affecting my nans health.

Question: My spouse consults decisions with his parents all the times. Help!?

My SO and I just had a talk about me feeling insignificant because he has always consulted his parents for every decision. He talked about decisions with me, too, but only AFTER he talked to them, and he ALWAYS value their opinions over mine, so in the end, it feels like it doesn’t matter what he and I talk about, the final decision is always his parents’. We had a talk. But he insists that he wants to ask for advice from ANYBODY he likes (including his parents). My stance is that advice from third parties should only be allowed when he and I are unable to come up with a solution OR when we need EXPERTS’ opinions. He disagrees. Now I’m stuck. I don’t know how to persuade him that spouses should make decisions TOGETHER, and parents should not be in the picture – unless we are stuck. Help! Sorry, I did not mean to vote for “best answer”. All of your answers are appreciated equally. I’m new here and was just messing around with the website functions; I can’t undo it…

Question: What is he doing?

I have known this guy a while. We’ve only slept together once and I didn’t really fancy him/ care. He used to stare at me all the time, tell people how attracted he is to me, try and impress me and make a fuss if I don’t invite him to places and be nice to me no matter how mean I was. I began being rude to him because I did not want anything more with him. I was very mean to him, we had a fight about everything and he said he does not have any feelings for me. I didn’t believe him because why would all this behaviour be for nothing?He wanted me to apologise for everything and kept asking if we were all good, is it in the past etc. He remembered things a normal guy wouldn’t. I said I was not sure how I felt and he did not reply. It has been a while since then and I haven’t changed my behaviour towards to him. Yet when we saw one another he was asking how is life, what are my plans, how is work and kept going even though I was very blunt. We message occasionally, always me first but about party’s or drinks, he won’t open my message for hours on end of being online and then will reply. He checks with my friend when I message I believe she was able to resite every single message between me and him. When we had our fight he replied after two days at a message when I ended the conversation, what was the point? Why does he bother replying, is he bored, matching my replying time (I am just as bad) or does he still care? Is he playing with me or am I over thinking?