Question: Is he attracted to me?

I model for photoshoots and recently I had a really handsome photographer shoot me in an art nude theme. He was laughing and smiling a lot and the more we got into the shoot he was leaning in beside me to show me some of the images and then laying across the side of the bed flicking through more images on his camera whilst i sat beside him. We did some sets in the bathroom too and he was flicking the bubbles around me in the water and trying to get close up shots so asked if he could stand inside the bath at the bottom. He said the shoot was finished and then asked if there’s anything else I would like to do in which I replied no. I dont know if he was just being professional or he had an attraction. What do you guys think?

Question: How can I get my girlfriend to kiss me again?

I assaulted her when paralytic but I’ve now changed after previously being abusive. She is cuddling me again and we are talking well. We also had a great day at the beach yesterday. Any advice? Please nothing offensive as I know I’ve done wrong and am already seriously paying in my head. I’m also with various services to sustain my progress.