Question: Supposed best friend said during an argument he has never considered me a friend anyway. How to stop feeling down?

We’ve been friends for 2 years and also work together. We don’t argue often but had a big fight the other day over me being late for work by 30 minutes and him feeling I was lazy. Mid argument he said I had never made his cut of friends anyway and was basically a joke to everyone. He quickly changed his mind and is trying desperately to make it up to me, saying he said it out of anger and I should know how he really feels toward me, but he has deeply hurt me and I wonder how much truth was in his words. I’ve kind of shut down and am now ingoring everyone at the minute. My trust is shattered. Can I get back to being happy?

Question: Im in love with him?

So im 18 this guy is 26 and we have been talking online for 3-4 months now and at first it was just all sual and now its getting quite serious but lately we have been arguing all the time over anything and it turns out hes married and he has 2 kids with this wife hes apparently divorcing! and apparently hes really into me and stuff and he said he slept with someone 5 weeks ago and we have been getting so close and telling each other we really like each other etc so then i was honest and said to him i slept with someone this week and he goes mental at me! when i forgave him for everything he said and done to me im stil here chasing him and hes like i need time? it was a 5 minute thing and he lied to me for months about having 2 kids and a wife???? he thinks me sleeping with someone is worse than lying to me about that!!! what do i do? i think we both really like each other and we did talk 24/7 about anything and everything and always ring each other etc!

Question: In love with a girl thats already in a realtionship with another person! Should i tell her ?

Basically there is this girl in my college i have known for 5 years or maybe even more. I almost wanted to ask her out last week, been wanting to ask her out since the first time i saw her, i think about her 24/7 i have asked other girls out before , some rejected some lasted. This girl is totally different when i see her it seems like i have froze and i just think about her, it wasent long ago which i found out she has started to go out with some one, i felt broken , and even depressed ! I honestly do not know what to do right now, i need help no other girl seems to even come close to her in my eyes and now she seems very happy with the guy she is going out with , my friends are very supportive and comfort me when i talk about her and say how i always wanted her to be mine, but never had or got the chance to fully talk to her, if any one can help me and tell me how to cope with this i would be so thankful, i see her every day, getting dropped off at college and also in college , my life has slowed down in classes at home and even going out im thinking about her, i would give up every thing i have for just a day for her to be mine and now that she is giing out with some one truly hurts my heart, im 18 and same for her, if any one can help me please tell me should i let her know im obsessed with her or no im slowly getting “depressed” it seems like thinking about her so much !

Question: I like this girl really bad and need help.?

Basically I am a 15 year old boy from south east England and there is this girl I like really really bad. Like she is the quiet sort of girl and she is the prettiest girl (in my opinion) int he year (according to others “shes alright”) but she knows i like her because my friends told her :/ But how should i approach her to tell her i want to go out with her or should i just ask her on a date or something well what do you guys think?